Accessibility of Crédit Mutuel Leasing

"the power of the Web is in its universality. Access by eveone regarless of disability is an essential aspect". Tim Berners Lee, inventor of the web and director of the W3C.

Accessibility policy

Crédit Mutuel Leasing website has been designed in line with the web standards defined by the W3C, and notably with the web-content accessibility directives issued by the Web Accessibility Initiative. This means that the website is accessible to all Internet users, including senior citizens and disabled persons with functional impairment.

Keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts enable visitors to browse the website in a simple manner without using a mouse :
0 = Accessibility policy
1 = Home
5 = Main contents of the page
6 = Breadcrumb trail to show you where you are in the site
8 = The browsing menu